ohh hello!

its been too long again.. ahhh


anyways- onto the best part- THE EATS

vegan cookie dough balls allaa love veggies and yoga

ezekiel sprouted grain english muffin with avocado, roasted red peppers, and alfalfa sprouts

and of course some oats! (1/3 cup 5 ghrain oats, carob chips, betternpeebs(sorry), cashews, cooked in almond milk with a banana whipped in!)


anyways i love you all. keep fighting<3 and sorry i havent been updating- iv become a little obsessed with tumblr 😉




i hate this feeling.

i feel sick. i feel weak. i feel helpless. im slipping.

i havent done what i’m supposed to today.

im taking advantage of my mom being gone tooo much,

i love this feeling.

i feel strong. i feel in control. im happier.

i did exactly what ED wanted me to do today,

i love being able to get away with this.

(both seem to be going threw my head right now.)

hellloooo everyone

i FINALLY got around to more vegan baking!

what did i make you ask?

drumroll please….


it was DELISH! (ignore the cut in it- forgot to take the picture first!)

i got the recipe from love veggies and yoga

and tweeked it just a little!

ahh its a must try(: